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Dioxus WebSys


This crate implements a renderer of the Dioxus Virtual DOM for the web browser using WebSys. This web render for Dioxus is one of the more advanced renderers, supporting:

  • idle work
  • animations
  • jank-free rendering
  • noderefs
  • controlled components
  • re-hydration
  • and more.

The actual implementation is farily thin, with the heavy lifting happening inside the Dioxus Core crate.

To purview the examples, check of the root Dioxus crate - the examples in this crate are mostly meant to provide validation of websys-specific features and not the general use of Dioxus.


pub use dioxus_core as dioxus;


Configuration for the WebSys renderer for the Dioxus VirtualDOM.


Launch the VirtualDOM given a root component and a configuration.

Launch your app and run the event loop, with configuration.

Launches the VirtualDOM from the specified component function and props.

Runs the app as a future that can be scheduled around the main thread.

Get a closure that executes any JavaScript in the webpage.