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PrismJS for Dioxus

Render math with PrismJS in Dioxus!

How to use

  • First you need to import css cdn:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://raw.githubusercontent.com/oovm/prism-wasm/dev/projects/prism-wasm/src/prism.min.css">

or use PRISM_CSS to inline css without cdn.

  • Call use_prism_rust hook to prepare context.
  • Call render to get code highlight node.
use dioxus_prism::use_prism_rust;

let rust = use_prism_rust(&cx);
let code = rust.render(text);


A hook which keeping the context of KaTeX formula.


A Rust struct that represents the options for the Prism Wasm library.


The needed css which should packing to project


A builder for a UsePrism hook.

A builder for a UsePrism hook in display mode.