Crate dioxus_hooks

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  • A helper macro for using hooks in async environements.
  • A helper macro that merges uses the closure syntax to elaborate the dependency array





  • Consume some context in the tree, providing a sharable handle to the value
  • Provide some context via the tree and return a reference to it
  • Maintain a handle over a future that can be paused, resumed, and canceled.
  • Get a handle to a coroutine higher in the tree
  • A hook that provides a future that executes after the hooks have been applied
  • A future that resolves to a value.
  • A hook that provides a callback that executes after the hooks have been applied
  • use_ref is a key foundational hook for storing state in Dioxus.
  • This hook provides some relatively light ergonomics around shared state.
  • Provide some state for components down the hierarchy to consume without having to drill props. See use_shared_state to consume the state
  • Store state between component renders.