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Digest Headers, a simple library for verifying the content of HTTP Requests.

This library doesn't offer any verification of identity, it only ensures that the content of the request matches the signature in the Digest header of the request. If you want to verify that a request has not been tampered with, it is best to use this library in conjunction with http signatures. This way, the Headers are signed with a key, validating identity and authenticity, and the Digest header validates the body of the request.

Basic use without an HTTP library

use digest_headers::{Digest, ShaSize};

let message = b"Some message";

let digest = Digest::new(message, ShaSize::TwoFiftySix);


Getting a Digest from a 'raw' digest string

use digest_headers::Digest;

let raw_digest = "SHA-256=2EL3dJGSq4d5YyGi76VZ5ZHzq5km0aZ0k4L8g1c4Llk=";

let digest = raw_digest.parse::<Digest>()?;


Adding a Digest to a Hyper request

With the with_digest method, a Digest can easily be added to an HTTP Request. This example shows adding a Digest to a Hyper Request.

use digest_headers::{prelude::*, Digest, ShaSize};
use hyper::{Method, Request};

let uri = "http://example.com";

let body = "Some body";

let req = Request::post(uri)
    .with_digest(body, ShaSize::TwoFiftySix)



The prelude module provides useful traits for working with Digest headers.



Defines the Digest type.



The Error type


Defines variants for the size of SHA hash.