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Static diesel r2d2 connection pooling with env configuration

Composible connection urls are provided by environment variables using env-url using the DATABASE prefix:

 | ENV                     |                            |
 | -----------------------:|:--------------------------:|
 | DATABASE_URL            | set connection url         |
 | DATABASE_HOST           | set url host               |
 | DATABASE_PORT           | set url port               |
 | DATABASE_PATH           | set selected database      |
 | DATABASE_USERINFO       | set connnection userinfo   |

MAX_DB_CONNECTIONS env sets max connections within connection pool

The dotenv feature flag enables automatic at-most-once dotenv loading via dotenvy. This is necessary because pool statics are initialized pre-main via static_init.

use diesel_connection::{pg::get_connection, PoolError};

async fn main() -> Result<(), PoolError> {
  let conn = get_connection()?;



  • mysqlmysql
    Types for MySQL connections.
  • pgpostgres
    Types for Postgres connections.
  • sqlitesqlite
    Types for SQLite connections.




  • Get postgress connection from pool. Use DATABASE_URL env variable to set connection url

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