[][src]Crate dicom_encoding

DICOM encoding and decoding primitives.

This crate provides interfaces and data structures for reading and writing data in accordance to the DICOM standard. This crate also hosts the concept of transfer syntax specifier, which can be used to produce DICOM encoders and decoders at run-time.

For the time being, all APIs are based on synchronous I/O.


pub use decode::Decode;
pub use encode::Encode;
pub use transfer_syntax::Codec;
pub use transfer_syntax::TransferSyntax;



This module contains all DICOM data element decoding logic.


This module contains all DICOM data element encoding logic.


This module contains reusable components for encoding and decoding text in DICOM data structures, including support for character repertoires.


Module containing the DICOM Transfer Syntax data structure and related methods. Similar to the DcmCodec in DCMTK, the TransferSyntax contains all of the necessary algorithms for decoding and encoding DICOM data in a certain transfer syntax.



Submit a transfer syntax specifier to be supported by the program's runtime. This is to be used by crates wishing to provide additional support for a certain transfer syntax.