[][src]Crate dicom_core

This is the core DICOM library, containing various concepts, data structures and traits specific to DICOM content.


pub use dictionary::DataDictionary;
pub use error::Error;
pub use error::Result;
pub use header::DataElement;
pub use header::DataElementHeader;
pub use header::Length;
pub use header::Tag;
pub use header::VR;
pub use value::PrimitiveValue;
pub use value::Value as DicomValue;



This module contains the concept of a DICOM data dictionary.


This module aggregates errors that may emerge from the library.


This modules contains an assortment of types required for interpreting DICOM data elements. It comprises a variety of basic data types, such as the DICOM attribute tag, the element header, and element composite types.


This module includes a high level abstraction over a DICOM data element's value.