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§Diagnostic Report


  • A type used to configure a report
  • A type representing a diagnostic that is ready to be written to output.
  • A type used to build a Diagnostic.
  • The character set used by formatter
  • A type that represents a labelled section of identifier code.
  • A structure encapsulating an item and styling.
  • A type that can generate distinct 8-bit colors.
  • A [Cache] that fetches SourceTexts from the filesystem.
  • A type representing a single line of a [Source].
  • A type representing a single line of a [Source].
  • Represents a set of styling options.


  • Possible character sets to use when rendering diagnostics.
  • An enum representing an ANSI color code.
  • The attachment point of inline label arrows
  • @trace 0 @print 100 @blame 150 @risky 175 @alert 200 @error 250 @fatal 255 A type that defines the kind of report being produced.



  • Enables ASCII terminal escape sequences on Windows consoles when possible. Returns true if escape sequence support was successfully enabled and false otherwise. On non-Windows targets, this method always returns true.