[][src]Crate dhash

This crate allows a dhash signature to be constructed from an image

Requires the image crate

A dhash is a differential gradient hash that compares the difference in gradient between adjacent pixels, and provides a 64 bit signature of an image.

A dhash can be used to compare against other images for similarity and is resilient to differences in:

  • Aspect Ratio
  • Image Size
  • Brightness and Contrast

Implementation details taken from the Kind of Like That blog

Usage (CLI)

Install this crate:

cargo install dhash

Run dhash <img1> to print out a dhash of the image at path img1

$ dhash test.jpg
dhash for test.jpg is `13547707017824698364`

Run dhash <img1> <img2> to print out a dhash of both images and the distance between them (a lower number is closer):

$ dhash test.jpg other.jpg
dhash for test.jpg is `4485936524854165493`
dhash for other.jpg is `3337201687795727957`
distance is: 11



Computes the dhash value of a given image


Returns the Hamming Distance between two dhashes


Converts the image to a dhash image