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Library for decoding and encoding JSON streams.


let expected = ("one".to_string(), 2.0, vec![3, 4]);
let stream = destream_json::encode(&expected).unwrap();
let actual = block_on(destream_json::try_decode((), stream)).unwrap();
assert_eq!(expected, actual);

Deviations from the JSON spec:

  • destream_json will not error out if asked to decode or encode a non-string key in a JSON object (i.e., it supports a superset of the official JSON spec). This may cause issues when using another JSON library to decode a stream encoded by destream_json. This behavior can be altered by using only strings as keys, or adding an explicit check at encoding time.


pub use de::decode;
pub use de::try_decode;
pub use en::encode;
pub use en::encode_map;
pub use en::encode_seq;


Decode a JSON stream to a Rust data structure.

Encode a Rust data structure into JSON data.