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Implementation of bip-0032 in rust for use on command line interface.


  • Freedom

    This tool don’t have the restrictions that almost all others have. It’s capable of derive any child in any path that you want, any time you want. But remember: with great power comes great responsibility.


  • Don’t trust, verify

    Compare the results of this tool with others. Verify the implementation (and the tests).

    If encryption is used, test decryption until you are convinced that the passphrase you used was the one you wanted.

    Use at your won risk.


$ derivation32 ypub6ZXGqDMx4DsojFChRekQJdW5w1UW5JaLUrSN7wXUcoDf2egC21Ycq1ostNik2wz9nd48pyEL6n6CxBNap6B56iMyHEBv3ytGugKRUCj9LSP
m/0 | 3AvgNg5V1TkMU7yZZCPTdohzySmBX3Wsnt | 03ea2d750dab0388662ecc142eec8379d52a3fb2c3d03c5a64555a85dff3b34497
m/1 | 3511m3xxtmKjiBJYcKZGyxVSJ7jwNBwAPK | 024940543af2b30e68762feaad32457dc7f0711f01d20e1097bafb7eee47f257d5
m/2 | 3FSwvaEECxQHJgWA6fQeYoYYEAauk7cJSg | 036e7cee3e0e0a951178716fa5e5e7bfb26b7f073fc5daca26ff528c0846cabbb4
m/3 | 33QM6BAorebmxpB35S1Kuo5edwMy7QrhHC | 036c6b4e86ef104fe72725de3508bd041a797728ac83631e927679163ff0fc8c19
m/4 | 35tf6DpuS7iZ2nXH8C6DNawFXz4Br9mqie | 03d93e0c9ab1a4442d73707053a9fa4b56dd14f3d2f79e73d6f181d1ad8783a0e6
m/5 | 3PuaDPqBkHnwHWAufm78UdozMPzj2Ap5qo | 0300e46b582e78f38abb219cb3eb22b386789b1988b829a30b563a9e69b95dce2d
m/6 | 3HmBbbDfgKTxGAGfxy1n1okKudgphwVgym | 025b841819bc7f849d55942392e404899affc1a0b76b9575b3e2dbf0f76cdb5b86
m/7 | 3FdEm4dakmMs4ScSmDmyUbBK3THRWkBBFk | 03cbbfb8922148d2af520a680bbcba42add58f7dc6c403308aedce957a994ff6b2
m/8 | 3Nn995qzzzUwz8mKyjfAozBKb6xX68GBgt | 0255c327c5c4507cb76b961b518d985db340f9b1c19add118171d0ef98254c1964
m/9 | 3EES1qCEGAzXbSNtXcpCZBe5G2u4p9pEC5 | 02b9ca0ff5e63fb59a464ab146612e9d79f8b21bbb2f606283fcbcf7c2f5bb06d1


  • Address

    Insert an address to show information about it.

    Inform hexadecimal entropy or wif private key to generate address.

    This tool show the respective address of a derived child in the legacy, segwit-nested and segwit-native formats according to the version prefix of the informed extended private key.

  • Custom separator

    Customization of the default separator of information when deriving an extended key.

  • Derivation

    Receives an extended key and show the derivation on default path (according to version prefix).

  • Encryption

    Optional encryption of resulting private keys with bip-0038 standard.

  • Extended keys

    Show the private and public extended keys of the derived path.

  • Path specification

    Specify a custom path used to derive the extended key.

  • Range of result

    This tool optionally receives a range of child numbers to be showed (including hardened ones when possible).


derivation32 1.1.2
Inform extended key and optional path and/or range to show derivation. Insert
address, hexadecimal entropy or wif private key to show information about it.
Optional range is closed (include start and end). Optionally encrypts private
keys. Default separator of results can be customized.

    derivation32 [OPTIONS] <DATA>

    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information

    -e <passphrase>        Encrypt resulting private keys (bip-0038)
    -p <path>              Path used to derive the extended private key
    -r <range>             Closed range in the form of (1..9h) used on derivation
    -s <separator>         Specify a character (or string) to separate results

    <DATA>    Address, hexadecimal entropy, extended key or wif key


You have to install rust and a linker if you don’t already have them.

$ cargo install derivation32


  • Generation of extended root keys

    If you don’t have a mnemonic and the corresponding extended root keys consider using mnemonic39.