[][src]Crate delharc

A library for parsing and extracting content of LHA/LZH archives.

This library is for easy parsing of LHA headers and allows to read files compressed with some of the methods used by the archive format.

This library does not provide high level methods for creating files or directories from the extracted archives.

There are many extensions to the base LHA headers, used by many different archive programs, in many different operating systems. This library only allows for parsing some basic properties of the archived files, such as file path names and last modification timestamps.

The LhaHeader exposes properties and methods to inspect the raw content of header extensions, as well as extended header data and may be explored by the user program in case extra archive properties are needed to be read.

LHA header levels: 0, 1, 2 and 3 are recognized.

Compression methods

You may include or opt out of some of the decoders:

version = "0.2"
default-features = false
features = ["lh1"] # select desired features

lh1 and lz features are enabled by default.

-lh0-PassthroughDecoderno compression
-lh1-Lh1Decoderlh1LHarc version 1, 4kB sliding window, dynamic huffman
-lh4-Lh5DecoderLHarc version 2, 4kB sliding window, static huffman
-lh5-Lh5DecoderLHarc version 2, 8kB sliding window, static huffman
-lh6-Lh7DecoderLHarc version 2, 32kB sliding window, static huffman
-lh7-Lh7DecoderLHarc version 2, 64kB sliding window, static huffman
-lhd-unsupportedan empty directory, data should be empty and should be skipped
-lhx-LhxDecoderlhxUNLHA32.DLL method, 128-512kb sliding window, static huffman
-lz4-PassthroughDecoderno compression
-lzs-LzsDecoderlzLArc, 2kb sliding window
-lz5-Lz5DecoderlzLArc, 4kb sliding window
-pm0-PassthroughDecoderno compression
-pm1-unsupportedN/APMarc, 8 Kb sliding window, static huffman
-pm2-unsupportedN/APMarc, 4 Kb sliding window, static huffman


use std::{io, path::Path};

fn extract_to_stdout<P: AsRef<Path>>(
        archive_name: P,
        matching_path: P
    ) -> io::Result<bool>
    let mut lha_reader = delharc::parse_file(archive_name.as_ref())?;
    loop {
        let header = lha_reader.header();
        let filename = header.parse_pathname();

        eprintln!("Path: {:?} modified: {} ", filename, header.parse_last_modified());

        if filename.ends_with(matching_path.as_ref()) {
            if lha_reader.is_decoder_supported() {
                let stdout = io::stdout();
                let mut handle = stdout.lock();
                io::copy(&mut lha_reader, &mut handle)?;
                return Ok(true)
            else if header.is_directory() {
                eprintln!("skipping: an empty directory");
            else {
                eprintln!("skipping: has unsupported compression method");

        if !lha_reader.next_file()? {



pub use decode::LhaDecodeReader;
pub use header::LhaHeader;



An implementation of CRC-16.


Decoding algorithms.


LHA header and related types.





The type returned when parsing last modified timestamp.



Attempts to open a file from a filesystem in read-only mode and on success returns an instance of LhaDecodeReader with the first parsed LHA file header, ready to decode the content of the first archived file.