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This crate implements a type that is a thin wrapper around uuids that can hold a "debug id". This is a concept that originally comes from breakpad and is also used by Sentry to identify a debug information file.

The reason this is not just a UUID is that at least on Windows a debug information file (PDB) is not just associated by using a UUID alone but it has an appendix (a u32 age field).


The string representation must be between 33 and 40 characters long and consist of:

  1. 36 character hyphenated hex representation of the UUID field
  2. 1-16 character lowercase hex representation of the u64 appendix
use debugid::DebugId;

let id: DebugId = "dfb8e43a-f242-3d73-a453-aeb6a777ef75-a".parse()?;
assert_eq!("dfb8e43a-f242-3d73-a453-aeb6a777ef75-a".to_string(), id.to_string());

Breakpad compatibility

Separately the breakpad format can be generated as well:

use debugid::DebugId;

let id: DebugId = "dfb8e43a-f242-3d73-a453-aeb6a777ef75-a".parse()?;
assert_eq!(id.breakpad().to_string(), "DFB8E43AF2423D73A453AEB6A777EF75a");



Wrapper around DebugId for Breakpad formatting.


Unique identifier for debug information files and their debug information.


Indicates a parsing error