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§Deadpool runtime abstraction Latest Version Unsafe forbidden Rust 1.75+

Deadpool is a dead simple async pool for connections and objects of any type.

This crate provides a simple Runtime enum that can be used to target multiple runtimes. This crate avoids boxed futures and and only implements things actually needed by the deadpool crates.

Note: This crate is intended for making the development of deadpool-* crates easier. Other libraries and binary projects normally should not use this directly and use some provided reexports by the crates using it.


FeatureDescriptionExtra dependenciesDefault
tokio_1Enable support for tokio cratetokio/time, tokio/rtno
async-std_1Enable support for async-std crateasync-stdno


Licensed under either of

at your option.


  • Enumeration for picking a runtime implementation.
  • Error of spawning a task on a thread where blocking is acceptable.