[][src]Crate dasp_envelope

An abstraction supporting different kinds of envelope detection.

  • The Detect trait provides an abstraction for generalising over types of envelope detection.
  • The Detector type allows for applying a Detect implementation in order to detect the envelope of a signal.

See the dasp_signal crate (or dasp::signal module) SignalWindow trait for a convenient way to detect envelopes over arbitrary signals.

Optional Features

  • The peak feature (or envelope-peak feature if using dasp) provides a peak envelope detection implementation.
  • The rms feature (or envelope-rms feature if using dasp) provides an RMS envelope detection implementation.


If working in a no_std context, you can disable the default std feature with --no-default-features.

To enable all of the above features in a no_std context, enable the all-no-std feature.


pub use self::detect::Detect;
pub use self::detect::Detector;