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Secret sharing with authentication

Internally this uses sharks for Shamirs secret sharing.

This is part of a work-in-progress Rust implementation of the Dark Crystal Key Backup Protocol.


Basic authenticated encryption using xsalsa20poly1305


Error created when recovery fails

Error created when share fn fails


Recover a secret from a given set of shares

Combine a set of shares and ciphertext produced by share_authenticated

Give a recommended threshold value for a given number of shares

Create a set of shares for a given secret

Encrypt a secret and create shares of its key. This gives authentication so we know whether recovery was successful It also reduces duplication with long (> 32 bytes) secrets, and improves security when using non-uniformly random secrets such as passwords.

Gives a threshold ‘sanity’ factor, given a threshold and number of shares 0 is ideal. Positive values represent the level of danger of loosing access to the secret. Negative values represent the level of danger of an attacker gaining it.