Crate dagrs

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  • Macros for generating simple tasks.


  • Can be used to run a command.
  • A Dag represents a set of tasks. Use it to build a multitasking Dag.
  • A default implementation of the Task trait. In general, use it to define the tasks of dagrs.
  • The Engine. Manage multiple Dags.
  • environment variable.
  • Task’s input value.
  • Output produced by a task.
  • Errors that may be generated when the specific behavior of the task is run. This is just a simple error handling. When running the tasks in the configuration file, some errors can be found by the user, which is convenient for debugging. It also allows users to return expected errors in custom task behavior. However, even if this error is expected, it will cause the execution of the entire task to fail.
  • An implementation of Parser. It is the default yaml configuration file parser.
  • Task struct for yaml file.



  • Action Trait. Action represents the specific behavior to be executed.
  • Log interface.
  • Generic parser traits. If users want to customize the configuration file parser, they must implement this trait. YamlParser is an example of Parser
  • Tasks can have many attributes, among which id, name, predecessor_tasks, and runnable attributes are required, and users can also customize some other attributes. DefaultTask in this module is a Task, the DAG engine uses it as the basic task by default.


  • public function to assign task’s id.