Struct dac8568::Dac[][src]

pub struct Dac<SPI, SYNC> { /* fields omitted */ }



impl<SPI, SYNC> Dac<SPI, SYNC> where
    SPI: Write<u8>,
    SYNC: OutputPin

pub fn new(spi: SPI, sync: SYNC) -> Self[src]

Initialize a new instance of dac8568

pub fn release(self) -> (SPI, SYNC)[src]

Consume the dac and return the underlying SPI and GPIO pins used by it

pub fn write(&mut self, message: Message) -> Result<(), DacError>[src]

Write to the DAC via a blocking call on the specified SPI interface

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<SPI, SYNC> Send for Dac<SPI, SYNC> where
    SPI: Send,
    SYNC: Send

impl<SPI, SYNC> Sync for Dac<SPI, SYNC> where
    SPI: Sync,
    SYNC: Sync

impl<SPI, SYNC> Unpin for Dac<SPI, SYNC> where
    SPI: Unpin,
    SYNC: Unpin

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