Struct dac8564::Dac[][src]

pub struct Dac<NSS, LDAC, ENABLE> { /* fields omitted */ }



    NSS: OutputPin,
    LDAC: OutputPin,
    ENABLE: OutputPin

pub fn new(nss: NSS, ldac: LDAC, enable: ENABLE) -> Self[src]

Initialize a new instance of DAC8564

pub fn enable(&mut self)[src]

Enables the DAC by toggling the Enable, NSS and LDAC lines

pub fn write_blocking(
    &mut self,
    spi: &mut dyn Write<u8, Error = ()>,
    channel: Channel,
    value: u16
) -> Result<(), DacError>

Write to the DAC via a blocking call on the specified SPI interface

pub fn prepare_transfer<F: FnMut([u8; 3])>(
    &mut self,
    channel: Channel,
    value: u16,
    callback: F

For asynchronous communication methods (e.g. Interrupt or DMA), this function prepares the DAC for the transfer, generates the command and passes it back to the initiator via the callback parameter

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<NSS, LDAC, ENABLE> Send for Dac<NSS, LDAC, ENABLE> where
    ENABLE: Send,
    LDAC: Send,
    NSS: Send

impl<NSS, LDAC, ENABLE> Sync for Dac<NSS, LDAC, ENABLE> where
    ENABLE: Sync,
    LDAC: Sync,
    NSS: Sync

impl<NSS, LDAC, ENABLE> Unpin for Dac<NSS, LDAC, ENABLE> where
    ENABLE: Unpin,
    LDAC: Unpin,
    NSS: Unpin

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