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Texas Instruments DAC5578 Driver for Rust Embedded HAL This is a driver crate for embedded Rust. It’s built on top of the Rust embedded HAL It supports sending commands to a TI DAC5578 over I2C.

The driver can be initialized by calling create and passing it an I2C interface. The device address (set by ADDR0) also needs to be specified. It can be set by pulling the ADDR0 on the device high/low or floating.

let mut dac = DAC5578::new(i2c, Address::PinLow);

To set the dac output for channel A:

dac.write_channel(Channel::A, 128);

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DAC5578 driver. Wraps an I2C port to send commands to a DAC5578



user_address can be set by pulling the ADDR0 pin high/low or leave it floating


Defines the output channel to set the voltage for


The type of the command to send for a Command


Two bit flags indicating the reset mode for the DAC5578