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A collection of utilities for my Rust projects.

This crate is a collection of utilities that I use in my Rust projects. It is not intended to be used by anyone else, but I have made it public in case anyone else finds it useful. While I try to keep this crate as stable as possible, I make no guarantees about the stability of the API. As such, I recommend that you use a specific version of this crate in your Cargo.toml. Being a student, I don’t have time for maintaining a crate as insignificant as this one.


  • logging - Enables the logging module.
  • tokio - Enables the tokio module for async utils.


A custom error type for this crate.


Synchronously creates a directory and all of its parent directories if they don’t exist. If the directory already exists, the error is ignored.
Gets a platform-specific executable name based on the CARGO_PKG_NAME environment variable.

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