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The Cythan machine emulator librairy.

The Cythan machine is a mathematical Turing Complete computer. The machine is composed of one vector. Each value of the vector is a positive integer, "pointing" to another value.

For every iteration of the machine

  • The first case (the pointer), is incremented by 2.

  • The 2 cases pointed by the first case before the incrementation is "executed". In a pair of executed cases, the case that as for index the second value is set to the value of the case that have as index the first value

For instance, 1,5,3,0,0,999 will copy the content of the 5th case (999) into the 3rd one. The result after one iteration will be 3,5,3,999,0,999


use cythan::Cythan;
let mut cythan = Cythan::new( vec![1,9,5,10,1,0,0,11,0,1,20,21] );
println!("Cythan start:{:?}",cythan);
for a in 0..10 {
   println!("Cythan iteration {}:{:?}",a,cythan)



The main structure of the Cythan machine