Module cushy::widgets

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Built-in Widget implementations.



  • A clickable, labeled button
  • A tri-state, labelable checkbox widget.
  • Widgets for selecting colors.
  • A visual container widget.
  • A visual delimiter widget.
  • A widget that hides/shows associated content.
  • A Widget that arranges children into rows and columns.
  • A widget that displays an image/texture.
  • A text input widget.
  • A read-only text widget.
  • Widgets that stack in the Z-direction.
  • A list of elements with optional item indicators.
  • Overlay menu widgets.
  • Widgets for displaying progress indicators.
  • A labeled widget with a circular indicator representing a value.
  • A container that scrolls its contents on a virtual surface.
  • A selectable, labeled widget representing a value.
  • A widget that allows a user to “slide” between values.
  • A widget that combines a collection of WidgetList widgets into one.
  • A widget that displays the result of validation.
  • A widget for laying out multiple widgets in a similar fashion as how words are wrapped in a paragraph.


  • A widget aligns its contents to its container’s boundaries.
  • A 2d drawable surface.
  • A widget that collapses/hides its contents based on a Dynamic<bool>.
  • A callback-based custom widget.
  • A widget that stores arbitrary data in the widget hierachy.
  • A widget that expands its child widget to fill the parent.
  • A widget that resizes its contained widget to an explicit size.
  • A widget that occupies space, optionally filling it with a color.
  • A widget that applies a set of Styles to all contained widgets.
  • A widget that switches its contents based on a value of T.
  • A widget that applies a ThemePair to all contained widgets.
  • A widget that applies a set of ThemeMode to all contained widgets.
  • A layered tile-based 2d game surface.