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This crate contains high-level mappings for the libcue CUE sheet parsing library. The CUE sheet format is a high-level representation of the table of contents of a CD audio or CD-ROM disc, and allows for a simple human-readable way of either authoring a disc or storing a disc image based off of an actual CD.

While this crate includes some documentation on the CUE format and CDs, this documentation assumes that the reader is already familiar with the CD and CD-ROM formats. The Wikipedia articles for Compact Disc, CD-ROM and CUE sheet are good accessible introductions.

This crate does not, for the most part, document the types from the libcue library. Its documentation is available in its own git repository.


  • The CD struct represents a disc, and is the entry point to parsing a CUE sheet.
  • The CDText struct represents CD-TEXT data stored alongside tracks in a CUE sheet.
  • The REM struct represents comments within a CUE sheet.
  • The Track struct represents a single track of a CD.