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Safe abstractions over:

  1. CUDA driver API
  3. cuRAND API
  4. cuBLAS API

crate organization

Each of the modules for the above is organized into three levels:

  1. A safe module which provides safe abstractions over the result module
  2. A result which is a thin wrapper around the sys module to ensure all functions return Result
  3. A sys module which contains the raw FFI bindings

Core Concepts

At the core is the driver API, which exposes a bunch of structs, but the main ones are:

  1. driver::CudaDevice is a handle to a specific device ordinal (e.g. 0, 1, 2, …)
  2. driver::CudaSlice<T>, which represents a Vec<T> on the device, can be allocated using the aforementioned CudaDevice.

Here is a table of similar concepts between CPU and Cuda:

Memory allocatorstd::alloc::GlobalAllocdriver::CudaDevice
List of values on heapVec<T>driver::CudaSlice<T>
Mutable Slice&mut [T]driver::CudaViewMut<T>
Calling a functionmy_function(a, b, c)driver::LaunchAsync::launch()

Combining the different APIs

All the highest level apis have been designed to work together.


nvrtc::compile_ptx() outputs a nvrtc::Ptx, which can be loaded into a device with driver::CudaDevice::load_ptx().


cublas::CudaBlas can perform gemm operations using cublas::Gemm<T>, and cublas::Gemv<T>. Both of these traits can generically accept memory allocated by the driver in the form of: driver::CudaSlice<T>, driver::CudaView<T>, and driver::CudaViewMut<T>.


curand::CudaRng can fill a driver::CudaSlice<T> with random data, based on one of its available distributions.

Combining safe/result/sys

The result and sys levels are very inter-changeable for each API. However, the safe apis don’t necessarily allow you to mix in the result level. This is to encourage going through the safe API when possible.

If you need some functionality that isn’t present in the safe api, please open a ticket.