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CuckooCache crate provides a high performance cache primitive


  1. bitpacked is bit-packed atomic flags for garbage collection
  2. cache is a cache which is performant in memory usage and lookup speed. It is lockfree for erase operations. Elements are lazily erased on the next insert.

bit_packed::atomic::Flags implements a container for garbage collection flags that is only thread unsafe on calls to setup. This class bit-packs collection flags for memory efficiency.

All operations are Ordering::Relaxed so external mechanisms must ensure that writes and reads are properly synchronized.

On Cache::setup(n), all bits up to n are marked as collected.

Under the hood, because it is an 8-bit type, it makes sense to use a multiple of 8 for setup, but it will be safe if that is not the case as well.



Exports bitpacked atomic/non-atomic interfaces


cache implements a cache with properties similar to a cuckoo-set The cache is able to hold up to 2^32 elements.