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Data types for the CTAPHID protocol.

See § 11.2 of the CTAP specification for more information.


The capabilities of a CTAPHID device.

A CTAPHID channel.

A CTAPHID continuation packet.

The version of a CTAPHID device.

An iterator over CTAPHID packets with the data of a CTAPHID message.

The response of the CTAPHID INIT command.

A CTAPHID initialization packet.

A CTAPHID message.

A Message that has been partially assembled from CTAPHID packets.

A CTAPHID transaction.

A CTAPHID vendor command.


A CTAPHID command.

An error that occured while assembling a CTAPHID message from packets.

A complete or partial message obtained by assembling one or more CTAPHID packets.

Error code returned by the device for a failed CTAPHID transaction.

An error that occured while fragmenting a CTAPHID message into packets.

A CTAPHID packet.

The type of a CTAPHID Packet.

An error that occured while parsing a CTAPHID packet.

An error that occured while serializing a CTAPHID packet.


The CTAPHID protocol version implemented by this crate.