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CSX64 is effectively a cross-platform, custom 64-bit processor emulator featuring its own execution engine, machine code, assembly language, and linker. It was originally intended to be an educational tool to teach assembly programming in a safe, well-defined, platform-independent framework. This crate contains only the CSX64 library code (no application/cli).

Example of Usage

// an example program just to show the assemble/link/execute process
let prog_name = "demo.asm";
let prog = r"
    global main
    segment text
        mov edi, 5
        mov esi, 4
        add edi, esi
        mov eax, edi
// assemble the assembly program into an object file
let obj = match asm::assemble(prog_name, &mut prog.as_bytes(), Default::default()) {
    Ok(obj) => obj,
    Err(e) => panic!("{}", e), // assemble errors (above program has no errors)
// get a copy of the C standard library object files (implemented in CSX64 assembly)
let mut objs = asm::stdlib();
objs.push((String::from(prog_name), obj)); // add our object file(s) to the end
// link the object files into an executable - we want the starting point to be `main`
let exe = match asm::link(objs, Some(("start", "main"))) {
    Ok(exe) => exe,
    Err(e) => panic!("{}", e), // link errors (above program has no errors)
// create an emulator, load up the executable, and execute
let mut emu = exec::Emulator::new();
emu.init(&exe, &Default::default());
let (_, state) = emu.execute_cycles(u64::MAX);
assert_eq!(state, exec::StopReason::Terminated(9)); // should terminate with result 9


Everything pertaining to the creation of CSX64 shared object files, object files, and executables.

Everything needed for both assembly and execution.

Everything pertaining to executing CSX64 executables.