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An implementation of the CSX64 library in native, safe rust.

Note: This crate is still in the initial phases of functionality, and does not yet have support for all instructions.

CSX64 is effectively a cross-platform, custom 64-bit processor emulator featuring its own execution engine, machine code, assembly language, and linker. It was originally intended to be an educational tool to teach assembly programming in a safe, well-defined, platform-independent framework.

This crate contains only the CSX64 library code. A CLI driver program will be released as a separate GitHub project.

There are also C# and C++ implementations of CSX64, however they’ve largely been deprecated in favor of this implementation (eventually) and will likely not be up to date with the features present in this version. Note that, while any CSX64 assembly program should work identically in any implementation (of the same version), CSX64 object files and executables are not compatible across different implementations; however, they are compatible across different platforms using the same implementation.



Everything pertaining to the creation of CSX64 shared object files, object files, and executables.


Everything that is used by both asm and exec.


Everything pertaining to executing CSX64 executables.