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Common cryptographic traits.


pub use rand_core;
pub use generic_array;
pub use generic_array::typenum;


The error type returned when key and/or IV used in the KeyInit, KeyIvInit, and InnerIvInit slice-based methods had an invalid length.


Trait which stores algorithm name constant, used in Debug implementations.

Types which process data in blocks.

Types which can be initialized from another type (usually block ciphers).

Types which can be initialized from another type and additional initialization vector/nonce.

Types which use another type for initialization.

Types which use initialization vector (nonce) for initialization.

Types which can be initialized from key.

Types which can be initialized from key and initialization vector (nonce).

Types which use key for initialization.

Types which return data with the given size.

Types which can process blocks in parallel.

Resettable types.

Type Definitions

Block on which BlockSizeUser implementors operate.

Initialization vector (nonce) used by IvSizeUser implementors.

Key used by KeySizeUser implementors.

Output array of OutputSizeUser implementors.

Parallel blocks on which ParBlocksSizeUser implementors operate.