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A library for some simple manual profiling.

This is a slightly silly profiling library, which requires you to manually annotate your code to obtain profiling information. On the plus side, this means you aren't overwhelmed with detail, and that you can profile portions of functions, or just the functions you care about. On the down side, you end up having to insert a bunch of annotations just to get information. You also need to write the profiling information to a file or stdout on your own.

One possible use is to print out a simple table of where time was spent, e.g. 5% initializing, 95% computing. Another would be if you want to profile while ensuring that all time spent sleeping (or waiting for another process) is accounted for.


let _g = crude_profiler::push("test one");
// ... do some work here
_g.replace("test two");
println!("{}", crude_profiler::report());



A Guard causes a task to end when it is dropped.



Forget any prior timings.


Push a task to the stack of tasks. The task will continue until the Guard is dropped.


Create a string that holds a report of time used. This is currently the only way to extract timings data, so obviously it isn't very automation-friendly.