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Provides some utilities functions for escaping text (to HTML or LaTeX) and formatting it according to typographic rules (smart quotes, ellipsis, french rules for non-breaking spaces).

These functions were originally written for Crowbook, but have been published on a separate crate and under a less restrictive license (MPL instead of LGPL) so they can be used in other projects.


Just add this line in the dependencies section of your Cargo.toml file:

crowbook-text-processing = "0.2"


use crowbook_text_processing::{FrenchFormatter, clean, escape};

let s = " Some  string with  too much   whitespaces & around 1% \
         characters that might cause trouble to HTML or LaTeX.";
// Remove unnecessary whitespaces (but doesn't trim as it can have meaning)
let new_s = clean::whitespaces(s);
// Escape forHTML
println!("for HTML: {}", escape::html(new_s.clone()));
// Escape for LaTeX
println!("for LaTeX: {}", escape::tex(new_s));

// Replace quotes with typographic quotation marks
let s = r#"Some "quoted string" and 'another one'."#;
let new_s = clean::quotes(s);
assert_eq!(&new_s, "Some “quoted string” and ‘another one’.");

// Replace three consecutive dots with ellipsis character
let s = clean::ellipsis("Foo...");
assert_eq!(&s, "Foo…");

// Format whitespaces according to french typographic rules, using
// the appropriate non-breaking spaces where needed
let s = " Une chaîne en français ! On voudrait un résultat \
         « typographiquement correct ».";
let french = FrenchFormatter::new();
println!("for text: {}", french.format(s));
println!("for LaTeX: {}", escape::tex(french.format_tex(s)));


  • rustc >= 1.9.0

Semantic versioning

While not yet at version 1.0, this crates tries to follows semantic versioning in the following way:

  • an increase of x in 0.x.y means breaking changes.
  • an increase of y in 0.x.y means non-breaking changes.


This is free software, published under the Mozilla Public License, version 2.0.



This module provides function to "clean" a text typographically.


Some functions to escape character for display in HTML or LaTeX.



French typographic formatter.