[][src]Enum crossterm_style::Colored

pub enum Colored {

Could be used to color the foreground or background color.

Colored::Fg represents the foreground color. Color::Bg represents the background color.


You can use Colored in a write statement to apply the attribute to the terminal output.

println!("{} Red foreground color", Colored::Fg(Color::Red));
println!("{} Blue background color", Colored::Bg(Color::Blue));

You can also call coloring functions on a &'static str:

use crossterm(_style)::Colorizer;
let styled_text = "Red forground color on blue background.".red().on_blue();
println!("{}", styled_text);



Trait Implementations

impl Display for Colored[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for Colored

impl Sync for Colored

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