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Crosis is an API that sits on-top of Replits container protocol to help with client/channel management and sending/receiving data.

The Crosis API uses Replits container protocol to interface with said containers, the Protocol module is where you'll find the interface. The Crosis API acts as a layer on-top of the protocol, providing a Client which manages sending/receiving data and funnelling it from/to the relevant Channel.


// get get_token and client from crosis
use crosis::{ get_token, Client };
// get the one-time token using the get_token helper function
let token = get_token("<repl_id>", "<api_key>");
// create a client
let client = Client::new(token.as_str());
// do stuff with client


If you want to use the Protocol by itself - without the higher-level Crosis API - you can use default-features = false in Cargo.toml.

This implementation uses prost for encoding and decoding protobuf data.

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This is the underlying protocol which Crosis uses to interface with Replit's containers.