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This library is intended to provide an easy way to encode and decode identifiers (large integers) as Crockford-encoded strings. If you want to encode or decode arbitrary data, another library is probably a better choice.


Use the encode function to encode u64 values into Crockford Base32-encoded strings. This operation cannot fail, so you will always get back a string rather than any kind of result value.

let x = crockford::encode(5111);

assert_eq!("4ZQ", &*x);

Faster encoding (aka “Plan B”)

Because this is Rust, particular focus is given to runtime efficiency–or, at least, allowing the user to achieve runtime efficiency. As a result, we provide a second, more complicated encoding option.

// The longest possible representation of u64 is 13 digits.
let mut buf = Vec::with_capacity(13);
crockford::encode_into(5111, &mut buf);

let result = std::str::from_utf8(&buf)?;
assert_eq!("4ZQ", result);

This encode_into method also accepts &mut String, if you prefer.


Use the decode function to decode Crockford Base32-encoded strings. This operation can fail; if it does, you’ll get a reasonably useful error instead of a number.

let x = crockford::decode("4zq");
let y = crockford::decode("4ZQ");

assert_eq!(5111, x?);
assert_eq!(5111, y?);


  • Represents an error in decoding.


  • Represents writable buffer capable of receiving encoded data.


  • Attempts to decode a Crockford Base32-encoded string into a u64 value.
  • Encodes a u64 value as a Crockford Base32-encoded string.
  • Encodes a u64 value as Crockford Base32 and writes it to the provided output.

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