[][src]Function croaring_sys_mw::roaring_bitmap_lazy_or

pub unsafe extern "C" fn roaring_bitmap_lazy_or(
    x1: *const roaring_bitmap_t,
    x2: *const roaring_bitmap_t,
    bitsetconversion: bool
) -> *mut roaring_bitmap_t

(For expert users who seek high performance.)

Computes the union between two bitmaps and returns new bitmap. The caller is responsible for memory management.

The lazy version defers some computations such as the maintenance of the cardinality counts. Thus you need to call roaring_bitmap_repair_after_lazy after executing "lazy" computations. It is safe to repeatedly call roaring_bitmap_lazy_or_inplace on the result. The bitsetconversion conversion is a flag which determines whether container-container operations force a bitset conversion.