[][src]Crate credit_card

Credit Card is a library for adding credit cards to any project.

use credit_card::CreditCard;

let mut cc = CreditCard {
    number: "4111111111111111".to_string(),
    cardholder_name: "Graydon Hoare".to_string(),
    expiration_month: "01".to_string(),
    expiration_year: "2023".to_string(),
    brand: None,
    security_code: None

Current Features

  • Create CreditCards
  • Add brand to credit cards from card number
  • Validate credit card number

Future Features

  • Validate CVV
  • Validate Address
  • ...
  • Full card validation


This is under development right now, so interfaces and apis will be changing. If you are interested in using this please create an issue or reach out with your feature request so I can help add it.