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Calculate the crc64 checksum of the given data, starting with the given crc.

Implements the CRC64 used by Redis, which is the variant with “Jones” coefficients and init value of 0.

Specification of this CRC64 variant follows:

Name: crc-64-jones
Width: 64 bites
Poly: 0xad93d23594c935a9
Reflected In: True
Xor_In: 0xffffffffffffffff
Reflected_Out: True
Xor_Out: 0x0
Check("123456789"): 0xe9c6d914c4b8d9ca


let cksum = crc64::crc64(0, b"123456789");
assert_eq!(16845390139448941002, cksum);


A checksummer.


Calculate the Crc64 checksum over data, starting from crc.