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Fast, SIMD-accelerated CRC32 (IEEE) checksum computation.


Simple usage

For simple use-cases, you can call the hash() convenience function to directly compute the CRC32 checksum for a given byte slice:

let checksum = crc32fast::hash(b"foo bar baz");

Advanced usage

For use-cases that require more flexibility or performance, for example when processing large amounts of data, you can create and manipulate a Hasher:

use crc32fast::Hasher;

let mut hasher = Hasher::new();
hasher.update(b"foo bar baz");
let checksum = hasher.finalize();


This crate contains multiple CRC32 implementations:

  • A fast baseline implementation which processes up to 16 bytes per iteration
  • An optimized implementation for modern x86 using sse and pclmulqdq instructions

Calling the Hasher::new constructor at runtime will perform a feature detection to select the most optimal implementation for the current CPU feature set.


Represents an in-progress CRC32 computation.


Computes the CRC32 hash of a byte slice.