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Rust implementation of CRC.


Using a well-known algorithm:

const X25: crc::Crc<u16> = crc::Crc::<u16>::new(&crc::CRC_16_IBM_SDLC);
assert_eq!(X25.checksum(b"123456789"), 0x906e);

Using a custom algorithm:

const CUSTOM_ALG: crc::Algorithm<u16> = crc::Algorithm {
    width: 16,
    poly: 0x8005,
    init: 0xffff,
    refin: false,
    refout: false,
    xorout: 0x0000,
    check: 0xaee7,
    residue: 0x0000
let crc = crc::Crc::<u16>::new(&CUSTOM_ALG);
let mut digest = crc.digest();
assert_eq!(digest.finalize(), 0xaee7);


  • This struct describes a CRC algorithm using the fields specified by the Catalogue of parametrised CRC algorithms.
  • Crc instance with a specific width, algorithm, and implementation.
  • A table-based implementation of the CRC algorithm, with L lanes. The number of entries in the lookup table is L * 256.



Type Aliases§

  • An implementation of the CRC algorithm with no lookup table.