ynab-export 0.0.4

ynab-export is a tool to help export a YNAB budget to a database
ynab-export-0.0.4 is not a library.


This is a simple program to export your YNAB data in CSV form, suitable for loading directly into a database. The repository includes an example schema file that can be used to represent this data.


ynab-export schema | psql ynab

psql ynab -c 'COPY accounts FROM STDIN' < accounts.tsv
psql ynab -c 'COPY category_groups FROM STDIN' < category_groups.tsv
psql ynab -c 'COPY categories FROM STDIN' < categories.tsv
psql ynab -c 'COPY months FROM STDIN' < months.tsv
psql ynab -c 'COPY categories_by_month FROM STDIN' < categories_by_month.tsv
psql ynab -c 'COPY payees FROM STDIN' < payees.tsv
psql ynab -c 'COPY transactions FROM STDIN' < transactions.tsv
psql ynab -c 'COPY subtransactions FROM STDIN' < subtransactions.tsv
psql ynab -c 'COPY scheduled_transactions FROM STDIN' < scheduled_transactions.tsv
psql ynab -c 'COPY scheduled_subtransactions FROM STDIN' < scheduled_subtransactions.tsv