yaxpeax-lc87 1.0.1

lc87 decoder for the yaxpeax project


crate documentation

an lc87 decoder implemented as part of the yaxpeax proect, including traits provided by yaxpeax-arch.

users of this library will either want to use quick and dirty APIs, or more generic decode interfaces from yaxpeax-arch - appropriate when mixing yaxpeax-lc87 with other yaxpeax decoders, such as yaxpeax-x86.


  • it exists
  • pretty small?
  • #[no_std]

it exists

i'm aware of only one other lc87 decoder on the internet: chrisnoisel's Ghidra work.

pretty small?

the lc87 instruction set is very small. the decoder is about 300 lines of Rust. it seems plausible that there is more rodata in the form of opcode strings, than actual code to disassemble instructions.


if, for some reason, you want to disassemble lc87 instructions without the Rust standard library around, that should work. this is primarily for consistency with other decoders than any need, and is not particularly tested.