yaxpeax-arch 0.2.5

fundamental traits to describe an architecture in the yaxpeax project


crate documentation

shared traits for architecture definitions, instruction decoders, and related interfaces for instruction decoders from the yaxpeax project.


there are numerous architectures for which decoders are implemented, at varying levels of completion. now and in the future, they will be enumerated here:

symbol meaning
🥳 complete, reliable
⚠️ "complete", likely has gaps
🚧 incomplete
architecture library decode tests benchmarks note
x86_64 yaxpeax-x86 🥳 🥳 🥳
x86:32 yaxpeax-x86 🥳 🥳 sse and sse2 support cannot be disabled
x86:16 yaxpeax-x86 🥳 🥳 instructions above the 8086 or 286 cannot be disabled
ia64 yaxpeax-ia64 🥳 ⚠️ lack of a good oracle has complicated testing
armv7 yaxpeax-arm 🚧 🚧 NEON is not yet supported
armv8 yaxpeax-arm 🚧 🚧 a32 decoding is not yet supported, NEON is not supported
m16c yaxpeax-m16c ⚠️ 🚧
mips yaxpeax-mips 🚧 🚧
msp430 yaxpeax-msp430 🚧 🚧
pic17 yaxpeax-pic17 🚧 🚧
pic18 yaxpeax-pic18 🚧 🚧
pic24 yaxpeax-pic24 exists, but only decodes NOP
sm83 yaxpeax-sm83 🥳 🚧
avr yaxpeax-avr 🥳 🚧 contributed by @the6p4c!
sh/sh2/j2/sh3/sh4 yaxpeax-superh 🥳 🚧 contributed by наб
MOS 6502 yaxpeax-6502 ⚠️ contributed by @cr1901
lc87 yaxpeax-lc87 🥳 ⚠️


the canonical copy of yaxpeax-arch is at https://git.iximeow.net/yaxpeax-arch.

yaxpeax-arch is also mirrored on GitHub at https://www.github.com/iximeow/yaxpeax-arch.