yaml-rust 0.3.2

The missing YAML 1.2 parser for rust

YAML 1.2 implementation in pure Rust.


This crate is on github and can be used by adding yaml-rust to the dependencies in your project's Cargo.toml.

git = "https://github.com/chyh1990/yaml-rust.git"

And this in your crate root:

extern crate yaml_rust;

Parse a string into Vec<Yaml> and then serialize it as a YAML string.


use yaml_rust::{YamlLoader, YamlEmitter};

let docs = YamlLoader::load_from_str("[1, 2, 3]").unwrap();
let doc = &docs[0]; // select the first document
assert_eq!(doc[0].as_i64().unwrap(), 1); // access elements by index

let mut out_str = String::new();
let mut emitter = YamlEmitter::new(&mut out_str);
emitter.dump(doc).unwrap(); // dump the YAML object to a String