workspace 0.4.1

a command-line project manager
workspace-0.4.1 is not a library.

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ws is a CLI to manage and interpret small YAML files that specify tasks to open a project like opening an editor, launching a server or visiting a chat or documentation in the browser. It can be used to efficiently switch between work and side projects.


cargo install workspace

Then setup the ws command in your shell:

  • bash: Add this line to your .bashrc
    eval $(workspace shell bash)
  • fish: Add this line to your
    workspace shell fish | source
  • PowerShell: Add this line to your profile.ps1
    Invoke-Expression "$(workspace shell posh)"

workspace shell prints a shell function ws that delegates output from workspace but intercepts commands to run. This lets you change the directory and run commands directly in the shell, e.g. if they need user input.


For the CLI, see:

ws --help

Workspaces can have the following fields:

  • path, list of strings path to the workspace
  • tabs, list of strings tabs to open in $BROWSER
  • commands, table
    • local, list of strings commands execute in the current shell
    • background, list of strings commands execute as background processes
    • external, list of strings commands to execute in a new $TERMINAL

Note: path is mandatory and created automatically by ws new

For example, this is the workspace I use for my blog:

path: /home/matthias/code/web/blog/

  - git status
  - sudo systemctl start nginx
  - code -r .
  - gulp

- localhost

It will cd into ~/code/web/blog/, print the git status, open the directory in visual studio code, start the gulp build in a new terminal, launch nginx to serve the files and open localhost and MDN in the browser.