winit 0.7.0

Cross-platform window creation library.
# winit - Cross-platform window creation and management in Rust



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winit = "0.6"

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## Usage

Winit is a window creation and management library. It can create windows and lets you handle
events (for example: the window being resized, a key being pressed, a mouse mouvement, etc.)
produced by window.

Winit is designed to be a low-level brick in a hierarchy of libraries. Consequently, in order to
show something on the window you need to use the platform-specific getters provided by winit, or
another library.

extern crate winit;

fn main() {
    let mut events_loop = winit::EventsLoop::new();
    let window = winit::Window::new(&events_loop).unwrap();

    events_loop.run_forever(|event| {
        match event {
            winit::Event::WindowEvent { event: winit::WindowEvent::Closed, .. } => {
            _ => winit::ControlFlow::Continue,