winfsp 0.2.0+winfsp-1.11

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Safe Rust bindings to WinFSP with examples.

⚠️ Very WIP and not production ready! ⚠️

This crate may possibly be unsound, and is very undocumented.
A best effort has been made to keep aliasing rules around, but FFI with WinFSP involves a lot of pointers that end up as references when putting a Rust-friendly API around it, and the nature of FFI makes it difficult to test with miri.


By default, winfsp-rs builds against an included import library. To build against the installed WinFSP libraries, enable the system feature. The path will automatically be determined via the Registry.

version = "0.2"
features = ["system"]


To enable delay-loading of WinFSP, add winfsp to build-dependencies and call winfsp::build::winfsp_link_delayload() in the build script.


winfsp = "0.2"

fn main() { 


Debug output can be enabled with the debug feature. Debug output is not currently configurable at runtime.

features = ["debug"]


winfsp-rs is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 3 as published by the Free Software Foundation.


WinFsp - Windows File System Proxy,

Copyright (C) Bill Zissimopoulos