wgpu 0.3.0

Rusty WebGPU API wrapper


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This is an idiomatic Rust wrapper over wgpu-native. It's designed to be suitable for general purpose graphics and computation needs of Rust community. It currently only works for the native platform, in the future aims to support WASM/Emscripten platforms as well.


Cube Shadow MipMap vange-rs Brawl GLX map


The library requires one of the following features enabled in order to run any of the examples:

  • Vulkan
  • Metal
  • DirectX 12 (Dx12)
  • DirectX 11 (Dx11)
  • OpenGL (Gl)

These examples assume that necessary dependencies for the graphics backend are already installed.

Running an example

All examples are located under the examples directory. We are using the default syntax for running examples, as found in the Cargo documentation.


cargo run --example cube --features metal
cargo run --example cube --features vulkan
cargo run --example cube --features dx12
cargo run --example cube --features dx11
cargo run --example cube --features gl

Hello Compute

The "1", "2", "3", and "4" are arguments passed into the program. These arguments are used for the compute pipeline.

cargo run --example hello-compute --features metal 1 2 3 4
cargo run --example hello-compute --features vulkan 1 2 3 4
cargo run --example hello-compute --features dx12 1 2 3 4
cargo run --example hello-compute --features dx11 1 2 3 4
cargo run --example hello-compute --features gl 1 2 3 4

More examples can be found under the examples directory.


Shout out to the following projects that work best with wgpu-rs:


If you need to test local fixes to gfx-rs or other dependencies, the simplest way is to add a Cargo patch. For example, when working on DX12 backend on Windows, you can check out the "hal-0.2" branch of gfx-rs repo and add this to the end of "Cargo.toml":

gfx-backend-dx12 = { path = "../gfx/src/backend/dx12" }
gfx-hal = { path = "../gfx/src/hal" }

If a version needs to be changed, you need to to do cargo update -p gfx-backend-dx12.