wepoll-sys-stjepang 1.0.3

A fork of wepoll-sys with stjepang's patches

wepoll-sys-stjepang (a fork of wepoll-sys)

wepoll-sys-stjepang provides Rust bindings to wepoll, generated using bindgen. The wepoll library is included in this crate and compiled automatically, removing the need for manually installing it.


  • Rust 2018
  • Windows
  • clang
  • A compiler such as gcc, the MSVC compiler (cl.exe), etc


Add wepoll-sys-stjepang as a Windows dependency (since it won't build on other platforms):

wepoll-sys-stjepang = "2.0"

Since this crate just provides a generated wrapper around the wepoll library, usage is the same as with the C code. For example:

use wepoll_sys_stjepang;

fn main() {
    let wepoll = wepoll_sys_stjepang::epoll_create(1);

    if wepoll.is_null() {
        panic!("epoll_create(1) failed!");

    // ...