wayland-client 0.2.1

Bindings to the standard C implementation of the wayland protocol.
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This library provides a Rust interface on the Wayland client library.

The module core provides support for the core features of the wayland protocol. Some protocol extentions are available, each as their own module. Some of them require a system library which they will try to load at first use.

  • module egl: it provides a mean to build EGL surfaces in a wayland context. It requires the presence of libwayland-egl.so. This module is activated by the egl feature.

Additionnaly, the feature dlopen prevents the crate to be linked to the various wayland libraries. In this case, it will instead try to load them dynamically at runtime. In this case, each module will provide a function allowing you to gracefully check if the load was successful. There is also the function is_wayland_lib_available() at the root of this crate, providing the same function for the core libwayland-client.so.

The entry point of your wayland application will be core::default_display(), which will provide you with a Display object representing the connexion to the wayland server. This display will give you access to the Registry, which will then give you access to the various Wayland global objects.